An interview with Mr. Neill Pardue of Air Drilling Company, Statesville, North Carolina by Tom Purcell of Mincon, Inc.

Founded in 1966 by the late Mr. Wilson Martin, Air Drilling Company has over a period of nearly forty years built a reputation as a company that you call when you have a hard job that requires true professionals. Through their two companies, Air Drilling Company and Geologic Exploration, they cater for both the commercial and residential water well industries and also to the environmental and geotechnical industries.

“We run Driltech D25 rigs with 1000 cfm x 350psi and we have been extremely happy with the Mincon range of products since starting to use them on our machines”, said Neill Pardue.

“Of all of the Mincon Hammers that we run, we are most impressed with the Mincon 8DH. Unlike smaller contractors, we do a lot of commercial 8″ wells for city and county authorities. Most of these jobs tend to be to a contracted depth of between 800 and 1000 feet, to get as much water as you can”, said Pardue.

RC DrillingIn 2006 Mincon Rockdrills set about developing and manufacturing a new design of reverse circulation DTH hammer.Mincon personnel have a wealth of knowledge and experience in reverse circulation hammer design and manufacture.  Mincon has been involved since the acceptance of reverse circulation drilling as an advancement over cross-over sub systems and an alternative the more expensive diamond coring.  Bringing this experience to the MX line of hammers produced a design that is second to none in performance, reliability and sample quality.

The Mincon MX Range of RC hammers are high performance geological sampling tools that provide trouble free operation in all kinds of demanding conditions. With a dedicated manufacturing plant equipped with state of the art equipment in Perth Australia, Mincon are located in the heart of RC hammer development worldwide.

In 2008 Mincon introduced its newest range of DTH Hammers and DTH Bits, The MC Range.

The MC Range of tools is unique in that they do not use a foot valve on the drill bit. The MC range includes a patented bit retention system that allows for a fully supported bit in the bit chuck. This provides for a much sturdier shank design greatly reducing the possibility of drill bit shanking. With more spline engagement than a traditional DTH bit the amount of spline wear is greatly reduced when compared to other traditional drill bits.

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Open Pit Mining 200x150 a7465ec43d15485ce1d99270c8abd0f5In 1999 Mincon introduced the first of its premium performance DTH Hammers. Since then the range has expanded to include 3” through 12” Hammers and a range of premium performance DTH Drill Bits for all applications. The Mincon range of DTH Hammers and DTH Drill Bits covers a number of popular shanks readily available on the market.

In addition the range covers Mincon Heavy Duty Shanked Hammers and the new MC range. The MC Range of valveless hammers, introduced in 2008 has the advantage of using drill bits without a foot valve (blow tube).

Mincon DTH Hammers are available for a range of different drilling applications such as Water Well, Geothermal, Geotechnical, Blast Hole, Mineral Exploration, Civil Construction, Seismic, Dimensional Stone, Directional, Oil & Gas and Mining.

Mincon is proud to be involved in establishing the initial lifeline to the thirty-three miners trapped 2,300 feet (701 meters) below ground in the San Jose gold and copper mine outside Copiapo, Chile.  A hole 5-3/8″ (136mm) in diameter was drilled through on Monday August 23rd using the Mincon MX5053 reverse circulation hammer and drill bits.  The lifeline hole establishes an all important communication link and a conduit to pass food, water and medicines to the trapped miners for their long wait underground until they are finally brought to the surface.  A number of holes had been drilled to try an locate the trapped miners and finally Terraservice broke through with the Mincon MX5053 hammer. When the hammer was retrieved from the bore hole, a note was attached to the hammers drill bit that told that the 33 miners were alive and well in a cramped, 530-square-foot (50-square-meter) shelter. They survived by sharing tiny portions of canned fish stored in the shelter room.

The 33 MinersThe capsule carrying Luis Urzua emerged to cheers, songs and applause as the the last of the 33 miners trapped deep underground in northern Chile for more than two months was been rescued. Luis Urzua, the shift supervisor who was credited with helping the men survive the first 17 days before rescue teams made contact, was greeted by his family and President Sebastian Pinera.
The rescued miners were flown to hospital by helicopter to in the nearby city of Copiapo. Health Minister Jaime Manalich stressed that all appeared to be in far better condition than expected. The men had been trapped underground since 5 August, when a rockfall caused a tunnel to collapse.

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You can have a chance to come and meet us in person as we will be at the Electra mining exhibition from 10-14 September 2012 at the Expo Centre, Nasrec, JHB, South Africa
Show Times: 9am – 5pm.

Come and say hello, we are going to be in Hall 8 – stand C6.

Billed as the second largest mining show in the world there is something for everyone in the mining industry. We would welcome a chance to discuss any upcoming projects you have and a would love to demonstrate some of our products.

For more information please visit the Electra Mining website
In 2006 Mincon Rockdrills started the process of developing and manufacturing a new design of reverse circulation or centre return DTH hammer.  Mincon personnel have a wealth of knowledge and experience in reverse circulation hammer design and manufacturing spanning over 20 years in a drilling discipline that is just over 30 years old.  Bringing this experience to the new line of hammers produced a design that is second to none in performance, reliability and sample quality.

RC Chile 225x300Late that same year a new manufacturing plant in Perth, Australia was established, with John Elsby at the helm.  John has been involved in reverse circulation hammer manufacturing for over two decades.  With the sole focus of producing reverse circulation hammers and bits, the plant is turning out drilling equipment of the highest quality in a state of the art facility.  Having the facility in the heart of reverse circulation drilling country has allowed timely feedback on performance and access to some of the world’s top drilling contractors.