The Mincon HDD Pull Reamer Hammers are the only pneumatic hammers being employed in the HDD industry and is designed around proven technology and redefines the performance scale when compared to other conventional HDD reaming tools on the market. While providing the most complete range of pilot hammers, Mincon also provides their world class design and technology including:

  • Patented reverse air flow hammer cycle allows for pull reaming of a pilot bore of 3-1/2” (89mm) out to 7-8” (178-203mm) and 4-1/4” (108mm) out to 9” (229mm) with the HDD70PR and pull reaming of a pilot bore of 5 1/4” (133mm) out to 10-12” (254-305mm) and 6 1/4” (159mm) out to 14” (356mm) on the HDD80PR.
  • A range of bits are offerred with different grades of standard carbide and diamond enhanced carbide to maximize bit life in every drilling condition.
  • High pressure/high volume compressed air powers reaming operations and requires minimal torque and feed pressure loads on drill machine increasing overall life of drill.
  • Attachments can be used to pull utilities as the hole is reamed.
  • Mincon Support Station delivers compressed air mixed with a water/polymer (5-9 gal/min) and rock drill oil (2-4 pints/hr) to operate the drilling cycle resulting in minimal environmentally friendly clean up. Can be used on environmentally sensitive locations using Mincon Envirosafe RDO biodegradable rock drill oil.

Mincon HDD70PR Pullreamer Overview