Mincon Envirosafe RDO is a high performance, environmentally safe rock drill oil.  It is a unique lubricant developed for all sizes of DTH hammers, to reduce wear and improve performance.  Mincon Envirosafe RDO can be used in all in-line lubricators and has proprietary lubricating compounds that are resistant to being washed off in acidic water, salt water, and foam environments, thus reducing rust on the internal and external parts of the hammer even after the equipment is not in use. It creates a lubricant film on the internal parts that prevents piston scuffing and heat build up. Wear of internal hammer parts is reduced dramatically increasing the life of your hammer and rate of penetration which increases your profitability.

Mincon Envirosafe RDO reduces the potential of surface or groundwater environmental concerns during mining production, mineral exploration, horizontal directional drilling, quarrying, and water well drilling. It has a viscosity that allows the lubricant to flow freely to areas requiring lubrication and also removes the requirement to switch between heavy and light oil as the seasons change. Lubrication can be better controlled and consumption reduced when using Mincon Envirosafe RDO. Mincon Envirosafe RDO is an environmentally safe, biodegradeable product that lubricates more effeciently than conventional Rock Drill Oils while reducing contamination of surface and groundwater. Particularly suited for drilling uncontaminated water wells and monitor wells in sensitive areas such as adjacent to streams and lakes, or where groundwater protection is important.

 Mincon Envirosafe RDO Packaging Options